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Season 1

  1. The Origin of the Hulk/Enter the Gorgon/To Be A Man
  2. Terror of the Toadmen/Bruce Banner:Wanted For Treason/Hulk Runs Amok
  3. A Titan Rides the Train/Horde of the Humanoids/Hulk On A Rampage
  4. The Power of Dr. Banner/Where Strides the Behemoth/Back From the Dead
  5. Micro Monsters/Lair of the Leader/To Live Again
  6. Brawn Against Brain/Captured At Last/Enter the Chameleon
  7. Within This Monster Dwells a Man/Another World, Another Foe/Wisdom of the Watcher
  8. Space Phantom/Sting of the Wasp/Exit the Hulk
  9. Hulk vs Metal Master/Master Tests His Metal/Mind Over Metal
  10. Ring Master/Captive of the Circus/Grande Finale
  11. Enter Tyrranus/Beauty and the Beast/They Dwell in the Depths
  12. Terror of the T-Gun/I, Against the World/Bruce Banner Is the Hulk
  13. The Man Called Boomerang/Hulk Intervenes/Less Than Monster, More Than Man

The first Marvel animation to appear on television was the Marvel Super Heroes by Grantray-Lawrence Animation in 1966. The series debuted on September 1, 1966 on a variety of television stations across America.

The series is known for its extremely limited animation and for lifting the stories, dialogue and artwork directly from the comic books of the time. Each 30-minute episode was made up of three 7-minute chapters. There were 65 episodes in total.

The show ran five days a week and featured a different Super Hero every day.

Monday: Captain America

Tuesday: The Incredible Hulk

Wednesday: The Invincible Iron Man

Thursday: The Mighty Thor

Friday: Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner


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