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Season 1

  1. Double Disaster/Enter Happy Hogan/Of Ice and Men
  2. Death of Tony Stark/Hands of the Mandarin/Origin of the Mandarin
  3. Ultimo/Ultimo Lives/Crescendo
  4. Mandarin's Revenge/Mandarin's Death Ray/No One Escapes the Mandarin
  5. Crimson Dynamo/Crimson Dynamo Strikes/Captured
  6. Enter Hawkeye/So Spins the Web/Triple Jeopardy
  7. If I Die Let It Be With Honor/Fight On, For a World Is Watching/What Price Victory
  8. Mole Man Strikes/Dragon of Flames/Decision Under the Earth
  9. Other Iron Man/Death Duel/Into the Jaws of Death
  10. Cliffs of Doom/False Captain America/Unmasking
  11. My Life For Yours/Black Night's Gambit/Menace of the Monster
  12. Dream Master/If a Man Be Mad/Duel in Space
  13. Beauty and the Armor/Peril in Space/As a City Watches

The first Marvel animation to appear on television was the Marvel Super Heroes by Grantray-Lawrence Animation in 1966. The series debuted on September 1, 1966 on a variety of television stations across America.

The series is known for its extremely limited animation and for lifting the stories, dialogue and artwork directly from the comic books of the time. Each 30-minute episode was made up of three 7-minute chapters. There were 65 episodes in total.

The show ran five days a week and featured a different Super Hero every day.

Monday: Captain America

Tuesday: The Incredible Hulk

Wednesday: The Invincible Iron Man

Thursday: The Mighty Thor

Friday: Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner


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