"The Inhumans Among Us, in 3 Minutes"

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"The Inhumans Among Us, in 3 Minutes"
Noah Sterling

Quote1 TL;DR star-crossed lovers don't win. I mean, you know how it is, one second you think you found the girl of your dreams, and the next second she's just torn away from you! There's no point getting attached to anyone because you'll just have your heart broken when her city is moved to another dimension, or- or when she moves across the country for her masters degree and breaks up with you over text message! But it's fine, who needs love anyway? Quote2
-- Noah Sterling

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Synopsis for "The Inhumans Among Us, in 3 Minutes"

This week on Marvel TL;DR, the Inhumans arrive on Earth and meet the Fantastic Four! Massive super-powered fights. Star-crossed lovers. A humongous teleporting (and super adorable) dog. This classic Marvel story is bigger than even Galactus himself!


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