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Synopsis for "If He Should Punch Me!"

Meet Spider-Ham, a super-hero who, under his secret identify Peter Porker, sells photographs of his own heroics to Daily Beagle grumpy editor J. Jonah Jackal. Along with his friend, report Steven Mouser (aka Captain Americat), he's sent to cover the new arcade mall Video City, which is being ilegally sabotaged by the Masked Marauder and legally harassed by several groups (anti-videogame fanatics, a nearby amusement park whose business falters now, and an industrialist wanting to build on that plot). Their research, both as journalists and as adventurers, is hindered by the sudden appearance of a new factor: The rampaging Hulk-bunny!

Appearing in "Goose Rider"

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Synopsis for "Goose Rider"

A day in the life of Goose Rider, a nightmare-based superhero living in a small town, where he tried to enjoy the limited leisure activities and confronted strange supervillains.

Solicit Synopsis

"If He Should Punch Me" features the origin of the Hulk-Bunny! Also, Goose Rider, Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Ham, Captain Americat, and more.

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