Appearing in "The Nothing Man"

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Synopsis for "The Nothing Man"

When a boxing hopeful invents a powder that makes him invisible in the ring, he becomes middle-weight champ. He decides the speed limit doesn't apply to him, since he knows the police can't see him, but after waking from a nap he finds that the police have constructed a jail around him.

Appearing in "Weather Man"

Featured Characters:

  • Chuck

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Ramsay

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Weather Man"

The weather reporter at a newspaper realizes that the weather is being manipulated somehow in an effort to destroy Earth's crops, and helps the government stop the attack.

Appearing in "Danger From Nowhere"

Other Characters:

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Danger From Nowhere"

A pilot who breaks the sound barrier hears voices plotting an invasion of America which turn out to be from Napoleon.

Appearing in "The Sleeper"

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Synopsis for "The Sleeper"

A father of a little boy finds out that even toys have parents too.

Appearing in "The Talking Box"

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Synopsis for "The Talking Box"

When an atomic war destroys civilization, the primitives who are left use an old phonograph recording of a message of peace to psyche themselves up for the war raids they inflict upon neighboring tribes.

Appearing in "The Unseen Audience"

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Synopsis for "The Unseen Audience"

A circus clown is unaware that his performance is being viewed by an appreciative alien ambassador.

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