Appearing in "...Just a Man Called Cage!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #123.

Synopsis for "...Just a Man Called Cage!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #123.

Appearing in "Killers of a Purple Rage!"

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Synopsis for "Killers of a Purple Rage!"

Hawkeye and the Two-Gun Kid ride through a desolate Southwestern landscape; Hawkeye says it’s one of the only places where things still look like Two-Gun’s native era of 1873. Suddenly the ground gives way beneath them, and they tumble into a secret underground stronghold, where the Purple Man is plotting his revenge against Daredevil. (He also notes how he slipped away from the blast that caused Daredevil to think he was dead, in DD #89). Believing they have come for him, he orders them to kill each other. Unable to resist him, they begin fighting, but Two-Gun in desperation whistles for his fallen horse, Nancy, who rushes at Killgrave and knocks him over. Hawkeye blasts him with an arrow and they destroy his base, and make their getaway. Two-Gun wonders if maybe Killgrave only led them to believe that he was defeated; Hawkeye tells him not to worry about it.


  • This issue is a double-sized Birthday/Anniversary Special. The Hawkeye story is new material.
  • Featues a featurette (with some altered dialogue) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 that showcases Spidey's costume and powers.
  • Also features a full page poster by Gil Kane and Joe Rubinstein.

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