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Quote1 Zarrko like all men of your era, you are an egoist and an imbecile. Quote2
Kang the Conqueror

Appearing in "Time Bomb!"

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Synopsis for "Time Bomb!"

Iron Man and Spider-Man have been brought to the 23rd Century to help Zarrko the Tomorrow Man to stop Kang the Conqueror from taking over this era. However, Zarrko wants to control history himself, and after Kang has incapacitated the two heroes, Zarrko has made his move. Zarrko explains his plans to conquer history using a series of "Time Bombs" that will regress the technology in the modern age to that of previous centuries, leaving the Earth ripe for conquest. He intends to use this all over the world except for a nuclear weapon depot in the United States which he intends to plunder for his own ends.

As Zarrko details his plans, both Spider-Man and Iron Man have revived from the blast they received from Kang. Iron Man cannot help because his armor's power source was destroyed, and so he tells Spider-Man to flee back to the present to stop the Time Bombs and to find help. The web-slinger manages to slip away and find his way to the time portal. Setting it from the date he was taken from, Spider-Man uses it to travel back in time. Meanwhile, Kang and Zarrko fight it out until they are interrupted by an unexpected arrival that Kang finds impossible to believe...

...Meanwhile, Spider-Man finds himself transported to the Baxter Building, setting off the alarms. However, they are shut off by the Human Torch, the only member of the Fantastic Four who is present. With the rest of the team away, Johnny agrees to help Spider-Man track down and shut down the Time Bombs. The pair split up to deactivate the time bombs, the Torch heading to Japan, and Spider-Man going to South America. When the Torch arrives in Japan he witnesses as a bullet train suddenly transforms into an old-fashioned steam engine. Using his ability to see into the infrared spectrum, Johnny tracks the energy signatures given off by the Time Bomb. He finds it in a hut, but the owner doesn't take kindly to trespassers. However, the bullets from his gun melt harmlessly against the Torch's flaming body. The Time Bomb suddenly turns the Japanese man into a samurai warrior, but the Torch easily trounces him. Getting up close to the Time Bomb, he suddenly begins succumbing to the effects of the device, his memories of how to disarm the weapon quickly vanishing from his mind.

At that moment, Spider-Man arrives in South America by hitching a ride on the outside of a commercial airliner. When the plane lands it suddenly transforms into a biplane thanks to the effects of the Time Bomb. Searching for the device, he has to fight a bunch of locals who have been transformed into primitive savages. When Spider-Man tries to disarm the device, he finds the same problem the Torch had. Before he can completely succumb to the radiations, the Torch arrives and melts the device. The pair then commandeers a plane and use it to go to Greece. There they find more opposition trying to stop them from disarming the Time Bomb. They easily fight their way through and this time, Johnny only disables the bomb instead of outright incinerating it. With the threat over, they begin to try and figure out a way back to the future to save the Avengers. The Torch recognizes the energy emissions from the devices as being the same as the Negative Zone barrier that once surrounded the Inhuman's domain of Attilan. However, because of his feelings toward his ex-girlfriend Crystal, the Human Torch decides not to accompany Spider-Man and wishes him luck.


Continuity Notes[]

  • The narrative of this story points out that this story takes place prior to "current issues of Amazing Spider-Man". It is referring to Amazing Spider-Man #119120, which found Spider-Man in Canada battling the Hulk.
  • Johnny also mentions that the rest of the Fantastic Four are out looking for Agatha Harkness. She went missing in Fantastic Four #134. They eventually rescue her from Annihilus in Fantastic Four #140141.
  • The Torch refuses to join Spider-Man to Attilan because he is still sore about losing his long-time girlfriend Crystal. Crystal was forced to return to Attilan in Fantastic Four #105. There she met and fell in love with Quicksilver of the Avengers as seen in Fantastic Four #131-132.

Publication Notes[]

  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Jetter pages 2-20.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Brian Earl Brown and C.R. Newball.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1431-Z.

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