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Synopsis for "The Resurrection of Edward Lansky"

Running late for class, Peter Parker swings across the city as Spider-Man. Unfortunately, his spider-sense goes off warning him of impending danger coming from an armored vehicle owned by Project PEGASUS. The wall-crawler leaps onto the roof to take a closer look. No sooner has he done so, he is confronted by the head of security at PEGASUS, the super-powered operative known as Quasar. Quasar produces his credentials and explains that they are in the process of transporting the villain known as Nitro who is still recovering from his last clash with Spider-Man. Satisfied that everything is under control, Spider-Man leaves and Quasar heads off on his own. As the truck drives onward, Quasar's quantum bands begin picking up a strange energy signature nearby and he decides to go and investigate. The bands bring Quasar to the campus of Empire State University.

Using his bands, Quasar creates a massive drill construct and digs deep into the ground, uncovering a secret lab. There he is suddenly assaulted by a ball of light that takes control of his power bands. Drawing energy from the bands the light takes on a humanoid form. The being introduces itself as Lightmaster. The villain explains how during his last clash with Spider-Man he was turned into a being of pure light, and that now that he has formed a bond with the hero's bands, the Lightmaster informs him that they will be irrevocably joined forever. Not far away, Peter Parker is attending a chemistry lecture when suddenly his spider-sense begins going off again. Faking a coughing fit, Peter gets out of class so he can change into Spider-Man and investigate.

Out on the campus grounds, Spider-Man is confronted by Lightmaster who is drawing power from Quasar's bands. He easily overpowers Spider-Man and then takes control of Quasar's body to try and escape. Unable to follow after Lightmaster and Quasar, Spider-Man decides to go back to class and wait for news about them. Meanwhile, Lightmaster drags Quasar to his former hideout in a lightbulb company in the hopes that he can return himself to his organic form. Unfortunately, once inside, Lightmaster discovers that his machines have been dismantled and starts trashing the building in a fit of rage. His anger subsiding, Lightmaster then goes out to procure the equipment he needs to complete his plan. Along the way, Quasar finally comes to and realizes that he is being forced into being an unwitting participant in Lightmaster's crimes. Quasar tries to fight back, temporarily expelling Lightmaster from his bands, but his powers have no effect on him and Lightmaster eventually reasserts control and continues his robbery spree.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man returns to his apartment, exhausted after the week's events. Feeling responsible for Lightmaster, he prepares some polarized lenses for his mask and heads out to find his foe. At this point, Lightmaster has finished collecting the components he needs, he recounts how Spider-Man was responsible for his current predicament, and how he also foiled his previous attempt at taking control of the mutant known as Dazzler as well. With the machines prepared, Lightmaster puts his original costume into the device and begins the final stages of his return to flesh. At this time, Spider-Man has arrived to stop the Lightmaster, trashing his machine. The wall-crawler and Lightmaster come to blows. During the fight, Quasar comes back to once more and uses his willpower to cut Lightmaster off from his bands. With his powers are dwindling, Lightmaster lashes out at Quasar but he becomes so weak Lightmaster dissipates into nothingness.

Spider-Man catches Quasar up to the speed on what was going on and he is horrified to learn that all Lightmaster hoped to accomplish was restoring his humanity. Quasar then uses his bands to gather the remains of Lightmasters energy form and reconstitutes his body within his uniform. Lightmaster is furious until he realizes that he is now human again. Thinking that Lightmaster is still a threat, Spider-Man comes up from behind and knocks him out. Quasar asks why the wall-crawler reacted in that way, and he explains that his spider-sense was warning him of danger. After some heated words, Spider-Man leaves Lightmaster in Quasar's car and departs. The two heroes to think about how different the are from one another.


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