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Quote1.png I suppose I should do something to help him, but I doubt if anything could survive that fall. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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  • Moondark Next Appearance of Moondark (Main story and flashback) (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Wolf at Bay"

Sent on assignment in San Francisco, Peter Parker takes a moment to explore the Golden Gate Bridge as Spider-Man. Thinking this might be what he needed to get his mind off of Gwen Stacy, the wall-crawler is unaware that he is being observed by the Werewolf by Night. Lost in thought, Spider-Man barely notices his spider-sense going off and narrowly avoids the opening attack by the Werewolf. The lunge knocks them both off the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. As they fall, Spider-Man thinks back to how he found himself in this situation, to begin with...

A few days earlier, Peter Parker went to see J. Jonah Jameson for an out of town photo assignment. Jameson complains about having to cover the expense of such a trip, but Joe Robertson tells them that Daredevil and the Black Widow have been very active in California and that they are newsworthy enough to send someone out to San Francisco. Accepting that Peter is likely the best photographer to send to capture photos of the two heroes, Jameson agrees to send Parker out, but warns him that he better take some stellar pictures

...Snapping out of his recollection, Spider-Man manages to break their fall with a net of webbing. However, the Werewolf still comes at the wall-crawler, forcing the hero to toss the monster off the side of the bridge and into the water below. As Spider-Man looks for any sign of his attacker, he is unaware as the spectral face of some strange individual appears behind him. After a brief observation, the face vanishes before Spider-Man can sense its presence. Famished, Spider-Man swings into the city and changes into Peter Parker. Going into a diner, he orders a meal from the waitress. Peter notices that the waitress who took his order was emotionless. Looking around, he notices that everyone else in the diner appears to be in some kind of trance. When the waitress comes back with his food, she suddenly screams, and the Werewolf comes crashing in through the front door. Peter struggles with the Werewolf, but their fight sends them crashing out of the diner's window. With his street clothes shredded, Peter slams the Werewolf's head into the side of a car then leaps onto the roof of the diner to change into his Spider-Man costume. Suddenly, the people inside the restaurant come pouring out and walk off into the streets, still under a trance.

With the sun rising, Spider-Man is shocked to witness the Werewolf revert back to human form. Spider-Man helps the man up, and learns that he is Jack Russell. Russell explains that he came to San Francisco to recover from the effects of the last full moon along with his sister Lissa and his friend Buck Cowan. He explains that they decided to check out a magic show by a magician calling himself Moondark. During the performance, Moondark put the entire audience into a trance, including Jack Russell. When he snapped out of it, he found himself in Moondark's dressing room. The sorcerer then used his magical powers to transform Jack into the Werewolf and teleport him to the Golden Gate Bridge to attack Spider-Man.

Deciding to help, Spider-Man is taken to the theater where Moondark is performing. There, the wall-crawler smashes their way in. However, Jack suddenly turns into the Werewolf and attacks Spider-Man, sending both crashing down the stairs. There Moondark still has Lissa and Buck in a trance. Although Spider-Man struggles with the Werewolf, he realizes his best chance is to stop Moondark. The wall-crawler shoves Moondark through his mists of transportation, sending the two away. Without Moondark's influence, Jack Russel and his friends are returned to normal. They then wonder what became of Spider-Man and Moondark. Meanwhile, on the Golden Gate Bridge, Spider-Man holds on for dear life, after being transported there by the mists. Unfortunately for Moondark, he fell into San Francisco Bay, and seemingly perished. Spider-Man swings off to recover his clothing so he can complete his assignment.

Spider-Man's trip to San Francisco continues in Daredevil #103...


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Publication Notes

  • Plot by Conway, script by Wein.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Bill Crabb, Kurt Martin, and Kim Draham.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1551-Z. This issue also contains a full page ad from Savage Tales #2.

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