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  • Flying Bicycle-Built-for-Two

Synopsis for "Old Soldiers"

Peter Parker is at Restwell Nursing Home in the farewell party of his Aunt May and Nathan Lubensky. Only one of the Home's patients is not participating in the party: Mr. Fortunoff, in the 20s also known as Dominic Fortune.

Soon Mr. Fortunoff is brought to his room and there he remembers his past super-hero career as Dominic Fortune by his girlfriend Sabbath Raven. But soon he gets shocked by seeing Turner D. Century flying in a bicycle!

Fortunoff takes his person as Dominic Fortune again and quits after Turner D. Century, and Peter Parker sees him and follows him as Spider-man. Fortune fights Turner D. Century but it is defeated and decides to simulate he's becoming a follower of the villain and so Turner D. Century talks Fortune about his Time Horn, a device to eliminate all young people around it.

As Spider-Man enters Turner D. Century uses the Horn on him and Spider-Man is defeated and the villain takes his bicycle and flies the city knocking all the young people he finds. Dominic Fortune stops him but seems to suffer a heart attack. Then Spider-Man reappears and defeats Turner D. Century and comes to Dominic Fortune, who has recovered (it was not a heart attack) and goes to find Sabbath.


Continuity Notes

  • This is the first recorded appearance of Dominic Fortune in the Modern Age of Earth-616. His previous exploits in the 1930s are factual. That said, there is no official explanation as to how Dominic can still be alive in light of the ever expanding Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 remains unexplained.
  • Dominic Fortune recounts Turner D. Century's battle with Spider-Woman. That was in Spider-Woman #33.

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