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Synopsis for "The Common Denominator!"

Everyman pays a visit to his uncle Reed Richards in the Baxter Building and punches him to the floor. Then he explains that he has power now thanks to some doctor who has been treating him in the mental hospital Larry stayed. And he tells Mr Fantastic than his plan is to become Everyman again and equalize every citizen in the country.

Larry uses the Absorbascann against Mr. Fantastic and steals his intellect. Then he goes out and talks to the people in the street but people shows him their disbelief. Larry gets angry and attacks the anonymous citizens with the Absorbascann, which steals people's life force and transfers it to Larry, being watched by Dr. Faustus.

Spider-man makes his appearance and sees Mr. Fantastic on the floor in the Baxter Building. Helps him and both come out to fight Larry. But Larry keeps defeating him until Mr. Fantastic makes him realize that the Absorbascann is killing the innocent people Larry believes is helping. This makes Larry escape and Mr. Fantastic succeeds in recovering his intellect. But he decides to find out who was behind Larry's attack and demands justice...

Solicit Synopsis

What is "The Common Denominator" and how does it figure into the scheme of the new and improved Everyman? Here's a hint-- it has to do with Mr. Fantastic, as Reed Richards is abruptly robbed of his most powerful weapon, his mind.


Continuity Notes

  • Mister Fantastic recounts how his nephew Larry Ekler became Everyman and battled Captain America. That happened in Captain America #267.
  • Spider-Man notes that Mister Fantastic is wearing a new costume. This story happens shortly after the Fantastic Four changed their costumes in Fantastic Four #256.

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