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  • Street Gang
    • Howard "Cool Breeze" McNeal Next Appearance of Howard "Cool Breeze" McNeal (First appearance) (Unnamed)

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Synopsis for "Where Were You... When the Lights Went Out?"

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A blackout plagues the island of Manhattan. Looters take advantage of the situation to and begin robbing Jack Zelnick's pawnshop. Zelnick confronts the thieves, but there are too many for him to handle. That's when Spider-Man swings in to stop them. The thieves try to attack the wall-crawler, but his enhanced spider-abilities make him a difficult mark. In the middle of the commotion, Zelnick goes back into his shop and recovers a shotgun. Returning outside he threatens to begin shooting, prompting Spider-Man to try and calm him down before someone is seriously hurt. However, before Jack can fire a single shot, someone in the mob pulls out a handgun and shoots the pawnshop owner. As the authorities arrive, Spider-Man leaps to Zelnick's side, but it is too late, the gunshot was fatal and the shopowner is dead.

The following morning the Black Widow is swinging across the city. She is annoyed that her dinner date with Matt Murdock was interrupted by the blackout. While she was busy rounding up looters, Murdock -- a public defender -- was called in to represent those who were arrested during the blackout. She goes to the Manhattan Criminal Court to meet with Matt, telling him that she is willing to wait for him to finish processing his clients so they can at least go to lunch together. Among all the accused as Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich and photographer Peter Parker. Ben has come here on a tip from Murdock and intends to write a story from the perspective of the arrested to give the blackout a human perspective. Spotting Murdock in the crowd, Ben Urich tells Parker that the lawyer is representing the young man accused of murdering the pawnbroker. This comes as a surprise because even as Spider-Man he was unable to determine who fired the fatal shot and wonders how the police was able to catch the alleged killer.

The young man that Murdock is interviewing is Juan Santiago, a former gang member with a criminal record. Juan has gone straight but he believes that he is going to be found guilty because have former gang members framed him for the murder. When Murdock suggests subpoena witnesses, Juan tells him that nobody will go against the gang. Using his enhanced senses, Matt Murdock knows that Juan is telling the truth, but wonders how he can prove it in court. Regardless, even though Juan finds the effort to clear him to be hopeless, Murdock convinces him to do the right thing. When brought before the judge, Matt argues that he needs time to find evidence that Juan was framed for a murder he did not commit. The judge is annoyed by all the cases he has to see this day and only gives Murdock a week to find that evidence. Juan doesn't believe Murdock can do it, but the lawyer assures him that he will help him. The Black Widow pulls Matt aside and tells him to focus on his cases while she goes out and finds the evidence he needs to clear Juan's name. He is then approached by Urich and Parker for questions. Surprisingly, Murdock recognizes Peter's heartbeat as being that of Spider-Man. Urich, knowing Murdock's own secret identity as Daredevil, asks how he plans to proceed. Matt hopes that someone will find the evidence he needs. Peter thinks to himself that he will be just the person to do the job.

Later that evening, both Spider-Man and the Black Widow arrived at the scene of the previous nights looting. The pair agrees to work together and they begin searching the area for clues. As they swing across the block, the Black Widow's moves remind him so much of his girlfriend, the Black Cat, and his fears for her safety should he allow her to share his life of crimefighting. They stop at the tenement building where Juan's former gang members use as a hideout. It's then that Spider-Man makes the connection between the Widow and the woman who was speaking with Murdock back in the courthouse. He briefly considers the idea that Matt Murdock is actually Daredevil, but dismisses this idea. They crash in on the gang and demand that they surrender, but the try to attack the pair. One of the gang members tries to flee the scene with the gun they assume was used in the murder. Spider-Man goes after him while the Black Widow deals with the rest of the thugs. The fleeing crook hijacks a car but is soon pursued by Spider-Man and the Black Widow. When Spider-Man uses his spider-signal to spook the driver, he veers off the road and into the waters around Central Park.

Spider-Man rescues the hostages and the crook in the car. When he dives back in, he finds the gun that the criminal was using. With the authorities on the scene, Spider-Man turns the gun over to the police for ballistic testing. When the Black Widow congratulates Spider-Man in finding the evidence they need to clear Juan's name, Spider-Man still feels responsible for the death of the pawnbroker and swings off. The next day, Peter Parker finishes a get together with his friend Harry Osborn. Suddenly, his spider-sense goes off warning him of something in Central Park. Changing into Spider-Man, Peter goes to investigate. At Sheep's Meadow, he finds a massive construct, the source of his spider-sense's warning. Drawn to the opening in the massive structure, Spider-Man realizes too late that it is a trap and is suddenly teleported away. Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Murdock tells Juan the good news. However, any hope of Juan being cleared of murder is dashed when Ben Urich arrives and tells him that the gun did not match the murder of the pawnbroker. Juan feels as though he is betrayed and has lost all faith in the system as the police take him back to his cell. Left to themselves, Matt Murdock swears to both Ben Urich and the Black Widow that he will do whatever it takes to clear Juan's name this time as Daredevil.

Spider-Man's fate is revealed in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1...

Solicit Synopsis

To save a boy wrongly accused of murder, Spider-Man and the Black Widow sacrifice all! But it may not work — for there's someone against them — someone evil — someone deadly!


Continuity Notes

  • Daredevil recognizes Peter Parker's heartbeat as being the same as Spider-Man. However, since Peter isn't mentioned by name during his conversation with Ben Urich, he doesn't make the connection between the two. Daredevil doesn't learn Spider-Man's double identity until Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #110.
  • Ben Urich knows that Matt Murdock is secretly Daredevil, he deduced the truth in Daredevil #164.
  • Spider-Man worries about the danger the Black Cat could face if he allowed her to become his partner in fighting crime. This has been the case since the Cat was seriously injured Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #76.
  • The wall-crawler also recalls how the Black Widow used to be partners with Daredevil. This partnership lasted from Daredevil #81124. Spider-Man briefly considers the idea that Daredevil is Matt Murdock, but dismisses it. He will learn that his hunch was correct in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #110.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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