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Quote1.png ... Why have you intruded on the Mole Man's domain? Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Chaos at the Earth's Core!"

After Captain Marvel had disappeared with the Omega Stone, Spider-Man heads to the Baxter Building in order to enlist the aid of Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Slipping into the Baxter Building, Spider-Man sets off the alarms and is snared in a coil device. This alerts Mister Fantastic to his presence and as soon as he realizes that he is dealing with Spider-Man, he deactivates the security system. Demanding to know why the wall-crawler is intruding. Thinking that Spider-Man has come looking for the Human Torch, Reed Richards tells him that the Fantastic Four has disbanded and he is the only one left. When the web-slinger explains that he has come for Richards, he explains his encounter with Basilisk, the Alpha and Omega Stones, as well as the disappearance of Captain Marvel.

After hearing this, Mister Fantastic tells Spider-Man that he can't help. However, Spider-Man won't take no for an answer and tells Richards to stop kicking himself while he is down, convincing Reed to change his mind. Using a device that he constructed to track Kree energy signatures, Reed is able to track the Omega Stone, pinpointing the location as the center of the Earth. Getting into the Fantasti-Car, Reed pilots himself and Spider-Man to the tunnel that leads to the Mole Man's domain of Subeterranea. No sooner are they there are they swarmed by a legion of Moloids. Although the pair held their own against the diminutive attackers, they are ultimately felled by a blast of knock out gas. They are then carried to the Mole Man's throne room where they are revived. The Mole Man decides to show them his latest weapon, a massive laser cannon that is powered by both the Omega Stone and the magma found in Earth's core. The Mole Man explains that he will use the laser to punch holes to the surface, causing untold destruction. As an added bonus, the first shot -- when focused through the crystal -- will also incinerate Captain Marvel as well.

With his plan laid out before his foes, the Mole Man orders his Moloids to toss Mister Fantastic and Spider-Man into the magma pit below. Despite this effort, the pair manages to avoid death using their respective powers to get out of the pit. The Mole Man then orders his minions to get them, but before this can happen, Basilisk arrives and uses his powers to turn to the Moloids into ice. Basilisk explains that he followed Spider-Man after their battle as he knew the wall-crawler would lead him to the Omega Stone. This leads to a clash between the Mole Man and Basilisk over the Omega Stone. While they are distracted, Mister Fantastic and Spider-Man attempt to free Captain Marvel from his prison. When the two villains see this they put aside their difference momentarily to stop them. With the heroes down, Basilisk turns on the Mole Man, knocking him out with an eye blast. Basilisk then attempts to get at the Omega Crystal and claim it for his own. However, by this point, Captain Marvel has managed to draw his armbands close enough to trigger a switch with Rick Jones. With Jones back on Earth, the Omega Stone is restored to normal.

Thanks to tampering by Reed Richards, the laser cannon begins to destabilize. As the three heroes attempt to leave, Basilisk seemingly perishes in a wave of magma while trying to recover the Omega Stone. The Mole Man is also trapped and begs for help, but the exploding laser cannon prevents the heroes from saving him as well. The trio then flee to the surface in the Fantastic-Car. There, Rick Jones thanks Spider-Man and Mister Fantastic for their help before swapping places with Captain Marvel, who flies away.


Continuity Notes

  • Reed Richards mentions that the Fantastic Four disbanded, which happened in Fantastic Four #142, when Reed was forced to shut down the mind of his son Franklin Richards. The team eventually reforms in Fantastic Four #144.
  • Reed states that he built a device that could track Kree energy signatures after his first encounter with a Kree Sentry. He is referring to the events of Fantastic Four #64.
  • The tunnel that Reed and Spider-Man use to get to Subterranea was constructed by the Mole Man circa Fantastic Four #8890. The tunnel was nearly destroyed during the Fantastic Four's last encounter with the Mole Man in Fantastic Four #128.

Publication Notes

  • The often seen cover image logo is recycled art from the cover of Fantastic Four #59. This art is also used for other merchandising such as Slurpee cups, Value Stamps, Topps Stickers, etc.
  • Page one credits the inkers as "Everybody!"
  • This issue contains a letters page Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published Jim Shutterly, Alan Markowitz and Peggy Meis.

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