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Synopsis for "And Spidey Makes Four!"

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Dealing with his ended romance with Crystal, the Human Torch takes the sage advice of a drunkard dock worker and tries to seek solace from his friends. However, when he tries to get Spider-Man to cheer him up, it is met with a less than warm reception.

Meanwhile, the Wizard, Sandman, and Trapster have reunited and have begun looking for a new member to induct into the Frightful Four to get revenge on the Fantastic Four. Seeing Spider-Man swing by, the Wizard and his cohorts attack and put Spider-Man under a trance.

Using Spider-Man as a means to get the Torch's guard down, the Frightful Four knock out the Torch and take control of the Baxter Building. Examining Reed Richard's devices, the Wizard accidentally opens the Negative Zone portal in such a way that it empowers Annihilus with more energy. Annihilus then seeks to break free into the positive matter universe to take it over, with only the Wizard trying to keep the creature at bay.

The Torch breaks free, and snaps Spider-Man out of his trance, the two then defeat the Frightful Four and stop the Negative Zone machine, shunting Annihilus back to the Negative Zone. After, Spider-Man thanks the Torch for freeing him and leaves Johnny to call the police to collect the Frightful Four.

Solicit Synopsis

Spidey and the ever-torrid human Torch mix it up again, when our way-out web-spinner joins - the Frightful Four! Shock city!


Continuity Notes

  • The Human Torch is still getting over the abrupt end to his relationship with Crystal. She was forced to return to Attilan due to the harmful effects of pollution in the outside world. That happened in Fantastic Four #105.
  • The besotted Nathaniel the Sailor, who gives sage advice to Johnny Storm this issue, appears next in Marvel Team-Up #13 where he opines to Peter Parker.
  • The Frightful Four are looking for a fourth member since the departure of Medusa. Medusa last worked (and betrayed) the team in Fantastic Four #94. They have been looking for a replacement member since.

Publication Notes

  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #842-Z.

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