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Quote1.png Stark expected Reed Richards -- not some half grown teenager! Quote2.png
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "Beware the Coming of... Infinitus! or How Can You Stop the Reincarnated Man?"

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Synopsis for "Beware the Coming of... Infinitus! or How Can You Stop the Reincarnated Man?"

Calling the Fantastic Four for help, Iron Man is disappointed to find that only the Human Torch is available to answer the call. Changing to Tony Stark, Iron Man explains to the Torch that his plants have been attacked by a costumed being calling himself Infinitus. Previously fighting this foe as Iron Man, Stark was easily defeated by this opponent who claims to be the reincarnation of Pharoah Amenemhet III of the 11th dynasty in Egypt.

After an attempt on Tony Stark's life, Iron Man begins working on a new device, while the Torch reads up on all he can learn about Pharoah Amenemhet. Tracking down Infitinitus, the two heroes defeat Infinitius, and reveal him as Michael Rodger, brother of a Stark employee who was killed in one of the accidents. After Infinitius is turned over to the police, Iron Man thanks the Torch for his help and the Torch departs.


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Publication Notes

  • This issue features a letters page, Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published from Dean Mullaney, Richard Gersch, Randy Fugram, and Cliff Saunders

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