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-- Valkyrie

Appearing in "Beware the Death Crusade!"

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Synopsis for "Beware the Death Crusade!"

As Spider-Man sits and mulls over the supposed return of Gwen Stacy, he is attacked once again by the Looter/Meteor Man, who easily defeats the distracted Spider-Man and dumps him in New York harbor. Meanwhile, at the private riding academy of Kyle Richmond, Nighthawk (Richmond himself) meets with his fellow Defender, Valkyrie. Explaining his anger over his previous encounter with Spider-Man, when Nighthawk informs Valkyrie that he let the Meteor Man go free, Valkyrie flies off on Aragorn to capture him.

While elsewhere in the city, Jeremiah's church the Innocents of God are having a gathering that generates enough noise to attract the attention of a couple of police officers. When they try to interrupt the night's worship, Jeremiah destroys them with a bolt of mystical energy.

Spider-Man, web-slinging through the city, picks up a police report of the Meteor Man making another robbery. Deciding to check it out for himself, he offers his aid to the police. When Valkyrie arrives and offers her help, Spider-Man refuses and goes in alone. However, as Spider-Man battles the Meteor Man, Valkyrie enters the room and tries to help. Outnumbered, the Meteor Man flees the scene. When Valkyrie and Spider-Man free the shop owner they learn that the Meteor Man sought a statue made out of meteor stone.

Chasing after the Meteor Man, the two heroes attack him in the air, and are able to send him crashing down to the ground, knocking him unconscious. When turning the Meteor Man in and explaining to Valkyrie about the Meteor Man's need for psychiatric help, Spider-Man is watched by Jeremiah.


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  • This issue contains a letters page Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published from Roger Connor, Wilf Campbell, and Chris Powell.

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