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The Amazing Spider-Man

Appearing in "Once Upon a Time, in a Castle..."

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Synopsis for "Once Upon a Time, in a Castle..."

Swinging in to stop a bunch of crooks making a robbery, Spider-Man is struck from behind by a ray beam and is knocked unconscious. Reviving, he finds himself bound to a table next to the Frankenstein Monster and soon learns that he is the prisoner of Ludwig von Shtupf, the Monster-Maker. Spider-Man breaks free and he and the Frankenstein Monster escape. Finding themselves in the mountains, the Monster tells Spider-Man of his origins, which in spite of being incredible to the wall-crawler, Spider-Man accepts in light of his experience with the Gwen Stacy clone.

When they see a lone woman being attacked by von Shtupf's men, Spider-Man and the Frankenstein Monster come to her rescue and fight off the men, only to find themselves knocked out by gas. Coming around, they learn that the woman -- Judith Klemmer -- is an agent of SHIELD, who is on assignment to stop the Monster Maker, as he intends to try and take over the world with an army of monsters.

The trio agrees to storm von Shtupf's castle, with Spider-Man and Klemmer going in through the back, and the Frankenstein Monster through the front gate. While Spider-Man and Klemmer get in quietly, the Frankenstein Monster simply walks into the castle, beating any opposing force in his way. He arrives last and walks in on von Shtupf just as he is unleashing his other prisoner against Spider-Man and Klemmer: The Man-Wolf.


Continuity Notes

  • Frankenstein's Monster goes over key events in his life:

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Shana L. Rosenfeld, Roger Korese, and Ed Via.

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