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Appearing in "Murder's Better the Second Time Around!"

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Synopsis for "Murder's Better the Second Time Around!"

With the arrival of the supposedly revived Crime-Master and the Sandman, a battle rages between them and the Big Man and the Enforcers over control of the underworld, with Spider-Man and the Human Torch caught in the battle. During the Torch and Spider-Man are overpowered and defeated and the Enforcers are defeated as well.

Meanwhile, Lin Sun and Lotus Shinchuko are walking past the warehouse where the battle is going on (as it is near the dojo of the Sons of the Dragon) and spy on the situation. Seeing that the Big Man and Crime Master are fighting over the right to kill Spider-Man and the Torch, they get the other Sons of the Dragon and attack.

During the fight, Spider-Man and the Torch are freed and Sandman, the Enforcers, Big Man and Crime Master manage to escape. Afterwards, the Torch leaves, wanting to catch up with the date he had planned before he was captured. Spider-Man continues after the crooks. He spots them escaping out of man-hole and follows them as they enter the Sons of the Dragon's dojo and take them hostage.

However, Big Man and Crime Master begin arguing to the point where Crime Master shoots Big Man in cold blood. Spider-Man arrives and frees the Sons of the Dragon and they all defeat the Sandman, Enforcers and Big Man. After the battle, both Crime-Master and the dead Big Man are unmasked. While Crime Master is revealed to be Nick Lewis Jr., the son of the original Crime Master, Big Man is revealed to be Janice Foswell the daughter of the original Big Man. Mortified that he shot Foswell -- who was the woman he loved.

Spider-Man and the Sons of the Dragon leave the distraught Crime Master for the police.


Continuity Notes

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  • The Crime-Master and Big Man are seeking revenge against Spider-Man for the deaths of their predecessors Nick Lewis and Frederick Foswell. These men died in Amazing Spider-Man #27 and 52 respectively.
  • The narrative references the tension caused between the romantic triangle between Robert Diamond, Lin Sun and Lotus Shinchuko. This comes to a head in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19.
  • The Human Torch departs stating that he has a date to keep. This is a reference to Fantastic Four #164, when he goes out on a date with Frankie Raye.

Publication Notes

  • Inks: backgrounds by Hunt (uncredited).
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1-3, Mantlo pages 4-19.

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