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-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "A Witch in Time!"

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  • Previous Vision Next Empty (Main story and flashback)
  • Salem villagers




Synopsis for "A Witch in Time!"

When the Scarlet Witch is summoned by Cotton Mather to Dr. Doom's Castle, the summoning causes her to react violently towards the Vision before leaving in a Quinjet. When Cotton Mather tries to take control of the Scarlet Witch, she sends out a spell to bring help. This orb of mystical energy finds and transports Spider-Man to Dr. Doom's castle.

There, Spider-Man tries to stop Cotton Mather, but the power of both Cotton Mather and the subjugated Scarlet Witch prove too much for the web-slinger and he is buried under a pile of rubble. Cotton Mather then uses Dr. Doom's time machine to send both he and Scarlet Witch back to the year 1692 during the time of the Salem Witch trials.

Spider-Man frees himself and follows them through Doom's time machine to 1672 as well. Arriving in that era he sees that Cotton Mather has put Scarlet Witch on trial before all the pilgrims. The "trial" is interrupted by the arrival of the Vision, who also traveled back in time as well.

When Spider-Man comes to Vision's aid, Cotton Mather orders the pilgrims to attack the trio. This story is continued next issue...


  • Inks: backgrounds by Hunt (uncredited).
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Mantlo pages 2-18.
  • Cotton Mather is an actual historical character and a key participant in the Salem Witch Trials.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published form R. Hunderetmark, Bill Caley, and Kirk Olson.

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