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Quote1.png Bug-Eyes is Hulk's friend. Hulk knows that. Hulk will help Bug Eyes and Goat-Face. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Spider in the Middle!"

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  • Space Rocket

Synopsis for "Spider in the Middle!"

Spider-Man is caught in the middle between the Hulk and Woodgod, and both are spoiling for a fight with the Wall-Crawler. However, the soldiers on site have other ideas in mind, and when Spider-Man jumps out of the way they ensnare both the Hulk and Woodgod in an electrified net that contracts the more they struggle.

Spider-Man demands answers from Major Tremens, who refuses to provide them and attempts to neutralize Spider-Man. Realizing that this is some sort of cover-up, Spider-Man frees the Hulk and Woodgod. The trio then attempts to fight off the soldiers. However, they are all taken down by a powerful gas that knocks all three super-humans out. When Spider-Man revives he finds himself in powerful shackles before Tremens and view screens showing Woodgod and a sedated Hulk in captivity. Tremens explains to Spider-Man that he intends to eliminate both Spider-Man and the Hulk, and shoot the Woodgod into space and then blame the whole fiasco in Liberty, New Mexico on Spidey and the Hulk.

When Spider-Man tells him that he has a camera on him that took pictures of the whole thing, Tremens orders his guards to unlock the shackles and remove it from the Wall-Crawler. This plays right into Spider-Man's hands, allowing him to break free even though his hands and feet are still bound in restraints. He manages to get away and free Woodgod who smashes off his shackles. They then go and free the Hulk who goes on and they attempt to leave the complex. However, Tremens has cornered them in front of the rocket with a giant cannon.

The Hulk takes a blast head-on with no effect and he claps his hands together causing a giant quake. While this destabilizes the cannon, it also compromises the platform he is on, causing him to fall down into the rocket silo. Woodgod then makes an attempt to attack Tremens, however, the cannon explodes knocking both Woodgod and Spider-Man back. Spider-Man is knocked inside the rocket, and Woodgod resumes his attack. As Tremens sets the rocket to launch, he is attacked by Woodgod. The Hulk meanwhile attempts to save Spider-Man from the rocket, however as it reaches orbit, the rockets sections break off preventing the Hulk from saving Spider-Man. As the Hulk is forced to return to Earth where he bids farewell to Spider-Man, whom he now considers a friend.

Tremens attempts to kill Woodgod with the same experimental gas that killed his father, however, he strikes Tremens, killing him and then flees the scene. Spider-Man meanwhile, is orbiting the Earth and is beginning to suffer from the dwindling oxygen supply in the rocket.


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  • Letters (story pages): Novak (uncredited) page 1, Rosen pages 2-17.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published from Bil Cahill, Robert Sodaro, Rob Allstetter, Jim Neill, and Russell Holmes.

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