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Quote1.png Let them fight it out -- kill each other! Good Riddance is all I got to say! Quote2.png
J. Jonah Jameson

Appearing in "Double Danger at the Daily Bugle!"

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Synopsis for "Double Danger at the Daily Bugle!"

While on patrol, Daredevil detects the super-villain known as the Blizzard attacking a Daily Bugle delivery truck. Daredevil attempts to stop the crook, but the Blizzard manages to make his escape. Upon investigating the scene, Daredevil "reads" the headline on the paper, which is simply a plea from Commissioner Black to end the postal strike.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Bugle office, Peter Parker is going up in the elevator and has grown suspicious as to why J. Jonah Jameson had his secretary call him and tell him not to bother coming in. Upon reaching the Bugle's main office, he finds that it is filled with really shady characters who refuse to let him see Jameson and violently push him out of the way. Finding the whole situation fishy, Peter sneaks around to Jonah's back door and peers through the upper window. As it turns out, the Blizzard and Electro have teamed up and captured J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Globe's editor Barney Bushkin in order to blackmail them into giving their companies' payrolls to the two crooks. Electro is furious about the day's headline having a hidden message reading "Help Blackmail".

Just then, Daredevil smashes through the window and begins fighting the crooks. As some of the two villains' thugs make a run for it out of the back door, they are knocked out by Peter, who has changed into Spider-Man. As Electro and Blizzard flee the scene, both heroes attempt to catch them but only succeed in running into each other and allowing for them to get away. Working together Spider-Man and Daredevil rush after the crooks, leaving Jameson and Bushkin to their own devices. Jameson manages to talk Bushkin in helping him clobber the crooks.

Everyone ends up in the basement, where Spider-Man, Daredevil, Electro, and Blizzard continue their fight. Jameson and Bushkin attempt to hit Electro from behind with chairs, but they bungle it and are sent running for safety. While Daredevil tackles the Blizzard, Spider-Man tangles with his old foe Electro. During the fight, Daredevil is knocked for a loop by Blizzard and is saved when Spider-Man tricks Electro into firing an electric bolt at Blizzard just as he is using his freezing powers. In striking the ice, the electricity turns it into steam, which quickly envelopes the Blizzard and freezes into solid ice, incapacitating him. Electro is then easily knocked out by Daredevil and Spider-Man, who land a powerful blow that sends Electro rebounding off a printing press and slamming into a wall knocking him out, and ending the siege of the Daily Bugle. With the battle over, Spider-Man decides to leave the crooks with Daredevil to hand over to the authorities, not wanting to be around for Jameson to blame the whole episode on him.


Continuity Notes

  • The Blizzard mentions how he almost killed Iron Man, he is referring to the events of Iron Man #8687.

Publication Notes

  • This issue features a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Stuart Bracken, Bruce Canwell, and Danny Williams.

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