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Steel Serpent

Appearing in "Night of the Dragon"

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  • Bushmaster's Yacht

Synopsis for "Night of the Dragon"

Iron Fist is going through a training exercise to be in top shape following his encounters with the Steel Serpent. However, he has to stop and change to his civilian guise of Danny Rand when Peter Parker shows up to do a photo spread of the Rand home for the Daily Bugle. Peter gives Danny a note that was left at his door, and when Danny reads that it's the Steel Serpent wanting to challenge him, he abruptly cancels the appointment. Peter, suspecting something is wrong, offers his aid but is rejected, but he decides to check things out as Spider-Man.

While aboard the private ship of Bushmaster, Misty Knight continues her undercover job trying to topple his enterprise. However, she is forced to blow her cover when she learns that Bushmaster had paid Steel Serpent to eliminate Iron Fist. Learning that he is to be attacked at Inwood Park, she flees Bushmaster's ship to go and warn Danny of the danger.

Meanwhile, Danny meets up with the Steel Serpent and the two battle in Inwood Park. Spider-Man, having tracked Iron Fist to the park with a spider-tracer, tries to help, but is easily beat aside by Steel Serpent.

The Steel Serpent gains the upper hand and absorbs the very last of Iron Fist's Chi just as Misty arrives. She forces Steel Serpent to let Danny go at gunpoint. However, Steel Serpent, having succeeded in his task, finds his opponent not even worth slaying now that he has the power of the iron fist, and so he leaves the dying Iron Fist with Spider-Man and Misty.


Continuity Notes

  • The Iron Fist/Steel Serpent and Bushmaster plot threads were established in the pages of Iron Fist Vol 1. Most recently in Iron Fist #1415. Due to the fact that Iron Fist was canceled after issue 15. This issue begins to resolve the mystery and conflict of The Steel Serpent.
  • Spider-Man recognizes Misty Knight from somewhere. The pair briefly crossed paths back in Marvel Team-Up #1.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Web-Zingers. Letters are published from John J. DeLucia, Mike W. Barr, Stefan Parya and The Big "K".

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