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Quote1.png Being Iron Fist is more than wearing a fancy costume and having fists that glow in the dark. Quote2.png
Colleen Wing

Appearing in "If Death Be My Destiny..."

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Synopsis for "If Death Be My Destiny..."

With the weakened Iron Fist taken to Colleen Wing's apartment, where Jeryn Hogarth provides a nurse to look over him, Spider-Man, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing decide to work together and take down Steel Serpent. Elsewhere, Steel Serpent reflects on the events that led him to want revenge against Iron Fist:

Back in K'un-Lun, he tried to win the right to battle Shou-Lao to gain the iron fist, but would be defeated in combat by Wendell Rand. He would try to gain the power of Shou-Lao anyway, however he would only partially succeed in doing so and be injured by the ancient dragon instead. The disgraced Davos would then be expelled from K'un-Lun for his actions.

Steel Serpent is found and attacked by Spider-Man, Misty, and Colleen Wing. They manage to gain the upper hand in combat until Colleen tries to stab Steel Serpent with her sword, prompting Spider-Man to stop her. This gives the Serpent the edge in combat and he begins to easily best his opponents. Iron Fist shows up, seemingly revived, and takes on Steel Serpent in combat. During the fight, the double iron fist power of Steel Serpent begins to consume his body. Danny, realizing that the power may be lost forever if Davos is to perish, grabs hold of his opponent. There is a blazing light, and Iron Fist is the only one remaining standing, his iron fist powers restored.

Iron Fist explains to his friends that because Davos attacked him with the iron fist but without any limit, the power itself consumed him. The foursome soon departs, while in far-off K'un-Lun, Lei-Kung had watched the entire fight through the looking glass.


Continuity Notes

  • Misty Knight recounts two of her dealings with Iron Fist: Their first encounter in Marvel Premiere #21 as well as when he made her choose between their romance and her recent case in Iron Fist #13.
  • The reason why Spider-Man recognizes Misty Knight is that they briefly met in the past circa Marvel Team-Up #1.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Steel Serpent:




Wendel Rand:

Publication Notes

  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Patterson pages 2-17.
  • This issue contians a letters page, Web-Zingers. Letters are published from "The Last Warrior" Carr, Michael Scalf, Alan Howard, and Carlton Donagher.

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