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Quote1.png Ladies, Gentlemen an' children of all ages -- Arcade proudly welcomes you to Murderworld. Where nobody ever survives!! Quote2.png

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  • Jean DeWolff's Vintage Roadster

Synopsis for "Murder World"

Spider-Man and Captain Britain wake up to find themselves trapped in gigantic transparent spheres that act as pin-balls for part of Arcade's Murderworld, a gigantic and lethal amusement park that he uses to murder the people that he has been hired to carry out. Inside his control room, Arcade boasts to his assistants Miss Locke and Mr. Chambers about how the Maggia offered to pay him a million dollars to eliminate Captain Britain. Simulataneously, he sets the balls in motion in a gigantic pinball machine with electrified bumpers and a spike pit at the bottom. As Spider-Man and Captain Britain are jostled around, Spider-Man almost gives up but finds renewed strength by thinking about Mary Jane.

Smashing himself free, Spider-Man then breaks Captain Britain out of his ball just before he can roll into the death pit. Arcade next unleashes his "doom-ball", a giant pinball that protrudes massive spikes. As the two heroes are rooted to the spot, the ball suddenly disappears and trap doors open beneath them, sending them down slides into two separate rooms. While Spider-Man has to face off against a cowboy-themed robot called "Kid Cyborg", Captain Britain finds himself in a more elaborate trap. At the end of a hall of mirrors, the Captain sees a gigantic treasure-scoop game with Courtney Ross trapped inside a clear cylinder. Rushing to the controls to save her, the Captain finds that the mirrors create robotic duplicates of himself fashioned after the distorted reflections. He fights off these robots and continues his way to the controls.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man makes short work of the Kid Cyborg robot and finds himself assaulted by a holographic projection of a war zone. Finding the room's wall, Spider-Man rips his way through the metal panels and crawls his way through Murderworld's inner workings. Unsure how to sabotage Murderworld, Spider-Man takes some advice he got from the Thing and just starts tearing the place apart. Captain Britain finally gets to the controls and notices that Courtney is running out of air. Just then, the door then slams shut, and the room begins to fill with water, tactics that Arcade has implemented to make the rescue more of a challenge.

Spider-Man manages to get himself into the main hallway, and Arcade, not wishing to get caught, opens a sliding panel revealing Captain Britain's plight. Spider-Man rescues him from the flooded room, and they both work together to free Courtney. Arcade then attempts to gas them, but the damage that Spider-Man has done to the controls causes the control room to short out and set off explosions all over the facility.

With Arcade's threat over, Spider-Man, Captain Britain, and Courtney Ross make their escape and find themselves exiting a manhole in New York City. They are spotted and picked up by Jean DeWolff, who explains that they learned from Interpol that some top men in the Maggia put a hit on Captain Britain. She explains that someone killed the Maggia bosses afterwards, and once they learned of the plot against Captain Britain, Interpol contacted the New York police. After all the explanations are made, Jean then allows Spider-Man to go free.

Meanwhile, back in Murderworld, Arcade, Miss Locke, and Mr. Chambers assess the damages. When Chambers asks what they are going to do next, Arcade simply laughs it off and tells them that they're going to rebuild a new, more elaborate Murderworld before having a rematch against Spider-Man.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Web-Zingers. Letters are published from Wallace L. Hopkins, James L. Blocker, Jim Daly, Randy Evans. M.E. Robbins, and Mark Perigord.

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