Quote1 Spider-Man, methinks thy knack for the arts of war doth rival that of my comrade Volstagg. Quote2
-- The Mighty Thor

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  • Tugboat "Molly D"

Synopsis for "Whom Gods Destroy!"

The Living Monolith has risen once again and is rampaging through New York City with Spider-Man in his clutches. Spider-Man attempts to trip up the foe by firing webbing into his eyes, but the Monolith pulls it off easily and, growing tired of Spider-Man, tosses him away. Unable to snare the side of a building to slow himself down and prevent himself falling to his death, Spider-Man is saved at the last moment by Thor. Taken to safety by the Avenger, Spider-Man explains everything that has happened and points the Living Monolith out to Thor.

Thor chases after the villain and attempts to strike him, but the attack has little effect and Thor is batted away like a mere insect. This doesn't stop Thor, who continues to battle on, but the two powerful beings are evenly matched. Spider-Man returns to the Living Monolith's base and realizes that Havok is the key to the Monolith's powers. Telling Thor, the thunder god tosses his hammer toward Havok in the hopes of destroying the machine. The Monolith laughs, as he has rigged the device with a booby-trap that will kill Havok if it's tampered with. Spider-Man quickly tries to stop Thor's hammer with a web line. He's pulled along with it and is unable to stop the hammer, but he throws off its course enough so that it doesn't strike Havok.

Leaving Thor to keep the Living Monolith busy, Spider-Man decides to go back and try to disarm the trap before freeing Havok. Thor knocks the Living Monolith out into New York Harbor, where the two battle it out. Away from the risk of harming any bystanders, Thor unleashes the full fury of his powers, creating a gigantic hurricane to keep the Monolith under wraps. Spider-Man checks things out through a pair of binoculars on the Empire State Building before returning to the Monolith's hideout. Easily knocking out the Monolith's men, Spider-Man uses his spider-sense to detect the booby trap and deactivate it.

Spider-Man frees Havok just as the Living Monolith is about to unleash a powerful blast of cosmic energy. With Havok free, the Monolith loses all his power, reverts to human form and is lost at sea. With the battle over, Thor ends the storm and returns to the mainland, where he meets with Spider-Man and Havok. With the Pharaoh defeated and his men rounded up, Havok realizes that his lover Polaris was knocked into the sea when he was kidnapped and is instantly worried about her wellbeing. Thor agrees to take Havok back with him and arrange with Tony Stark to have him sent home by the end of the evening. With this arrangement made, Havok and Thor bid farewell to Spider-Man and depart.


Continuity Notes

  • The connection between Havok and the Living Monolith's powers is due to experimentation on the Monolith by Mr. Sinister using Havok's DNA, as revealed in Uncanny X-Men #376.
  • Spider-Man feels useless in this battle and compares it to the time he helped the Avengers against Thanos. He is referring to the events of Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2.
  • Thor points out that the Living Monolith is not an Egyptian god, being that he has met before. The last encounter Thor had the Egyptian pantheon in Marvel Two-In-One #22-23.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Web-Zingers. Letters are published from Johnny L. Amburn and Rob Worley. The bottom 1/2 of the letters page deals with the fan's attempts to continue publishing the Spider-Man syndicated comic strip in the Wichita Eagle. A three panel newspaper strip from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. is also printed on the letters page.

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