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  • Professor Kerwin




  • The Owl's Helicopter

Synopsis for "A Fluttering of Wings Most Foul!"

At Storefront Legal Services, Matt Murdock is in the process of taking on a new client, Peter Parker. Matt's enhanced senses tip him off to the fact that Peter is really Spider-Man, and he also detects one of the Owl's unique helicopters - shocking Matt, as he believes his old foe to be dead. Abruptly ending his meeting with Peter before Peter could even tell Matt his name, Matt rushes out into the alley and changes into Daredevil to investigate.

Meanwhile, at his headquarters, the Owl reflects on how he cheated death during his last encounter with Daredevil. When he dangled from a helicopter and fell into the icy waters below, he was quickly rescued by his minions and restored to health from his neurological problems by kidnapping Professor Kerwin to save his life.

Peter Parker meanwhile is bummed out because he was unable to see a lawyer to sort out Aunt May's will should her health take a turn for the worse. Deciding to let off some steam by web-slinging, Peter spots the Owl's men just as they finished sticking up a jewelry store. The fight is interrupted by Daredevil, who stops Spider-Man from rounding the crooks up and allows them to escape so that he can track them back to the Owl's lair. This almost causes Spider-Man and Daredevil to come to blows over a misunderstanding of the situation, however, they both work it out and chase after the crooks.

They track their helicopter to the Owl's hidden base located in New Jersey along the Hudson River. Spotting the doors into the base, Spider-Man quickly attempts to pry them open and finds that they have been rigged with an electrical charge. Saved by Daredevil, the two heroes are welcomed in by the Owl. Entering through the opening they are attacked by some strange glowing owls when they suddenly realize they are simply just harmless holograms. Moving onward, the Owl decides to spring his next trap and orders his men to hide.

When the two heroes arrive, they are ambushed by the Owl's men, whom they make short work of. Not liking the odds, the Owl's men abandon their employer and flee. Before Daredevil and Spider-Man can nab the Owl, he takes Professor Kerwin out of hiding and threatens to kill him if they do not let him go free. Kerwin, feeling guilty for helping to revive a criminal, tells the heroes not to let the Owl get away, even at the cost of his own life. Daredevil decides to call the Owl's bluff and gets closer. Not able to understand this turn of events, the Owl suddenly gets a splitting headache and collapses.

As Daredevil checks on the Owl, Kerwin explains that he tried to get the Owl worked up to short out his neurological pacemaker, which in turn made the Owl a vegetable. With the Owl's threat over and the authorities called, Spider-Man departs, getting thanks from Daredevil for helping out.


Continuity Notes

  • This story makes multiple references to the apparent demise of the Owl during his last battle with Daredevil circa Daredevil #144145.

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