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Quote1.png "I am Satana, who some call the Devil's Daughter! I am here to save the soul of Dr. Strange from eternal damnation - or if he has already tasted human blood, I am here to kill him. May I come in?" Quote2.png

Appearing in "A Sorcerer Possessed!"

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Synopsis for "A Sorcerer Possessed!"

When Peter Parker and his date are attacked by a strange wolfman, it takes all of Peter's skill to fight the monster off without exposing himself as Spider-Man. After the fight he finds Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamotto and takes it into his possession. After making sure his date is safe in the hospital, Peter pays a visit to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum as Spider-Man.

However, Clea answers the door, and quickly shuts it in Spidey's face when he starts asking questions about Doctor Strange. Recalling his last adventure with Strange in which Marie Laveau warned that the prophecy they experienced was not yet done, Spidey decides to go and get a Tarot card reading to find out if there is any validity in that claim. The reading only confirms his suspicions.

Finding Dr. Strange and tracking him back to his Sanctum, Spidey smashes in right as Strange lashes out against Clea. Spider-Man helps knock out Dr. Strange as he begins to transform into a lupine form. With Strange knocked out, Clea uses the Eye of Agamotto to probe Strange's mind and learn that he has been cursed with some sort of werewolf-like transformation. Telling Wong and Spidey that they can get help from a Tibetan monastery, the two load Strange into a car and take him to Kennedy Airport.

However, the aircraft does not even get airborne before it crashes to the ground, the lupine Strange emerging from the wreckage. While back at Strange's Sanctum, Clea is visited by Satana, who has come to help with the problem.


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man compares his battle with the werewolf with when he fought Tigra in Marvel Team-Up #67.

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