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Appearing in "Two in One"

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  • Emmett


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Synopsis for "Two in One"

The Thing is at Clancy's bar to celebrate the recent employment of a number of men who live on Yancy Street thanks to the new chemical plant opened up by Roland Tilton. However, the festivities are interrupted when the Sub-Mariner attacks the bar with smokestacks he tore loose from the nearby factory. When the Thing comes outside, the Sub-Mariner explains that he has come to destroy Tilton's factory because its deep-sea excavations are polluting his home of New Atlantis. When the Thing tries to stop the Sub-Mariner, the monarch of Atlantis manages to get away. When the authorities arrive they bring en a communication device that puts him in touch with Captain America. Cap tells the Thing about how Namor has become more violent since their return from their trip to another dimension and his recent rampages and the recent liberation of New Atlantis from Warlord Kreeg who was working with Tilton.[Continuity 1]

Fearing that the plant employees will lose their jobs, the Thing goes to the chemical plant to try and stop Namor. However, the Sub-Mariner is waiting for him and freezes Grimm solid with a freezing agent. Meanwhile, Roland Tilton's business is hemorrhaging money without assistance from New Atlantis and has decided to cut and run before the Sub-Mariner comes after him. That's when the Wrecking Crew comes crashing into Roland's office, offering their services as they have a grudge to settle with Namor. Back at the plant, the authorities are evacuating the workers. One employee named Emmett overhears one of his co-workers complain about not having time to shut down a particle scrubber he rushes back into the building to shut it down before it reaches critical mass and explodes, destroying the whole neighborhood. Back inside, the Thing has broken free from his frozen prison and the pair continue their battle. However, Namor once again utilizes the chemicals on hand using a canister of tetrodotoxin gas to paralyze the Thing's legs.

That's when the Wrecking Crew comes crashing in looking to settle their score with the Sub-Mariner. By this time, Emmett has shut down the particle scrubber, but he falls through the floor and into the middle of the battle. Meanwhile, the Thing takes a trip up into the offices to confront Tilton and to get him to order the Wrecking Crew to stand down. However, Roland has no control over them as they are forcing him to comply with their needs. Disgusted that he would jeopardize the lives of his employees, the Thing leaves to rejoin the battle. Downstairs, Namor notices that Emmett is in danger and flies him to safety before tossing a canister tetrodotoxin into the raging fire. As he and the Thing flee the factory, the canister explodes knocking out the Wrecking crew inside. In the aftermath of the battle, Ben Grimm offers the unemployed workers jobs constructing the Fantastic Four's new headquarters.[Continuity 2] Although the authorities have taken the Wrecking Crew into custody, their leader the Wrecker, and Roland Tilton escaped. Thinking he escaped persecution, Roland Tilton is leaving New York in a private jet. However, the Wrecker has stowed away on board and intends to force Tilton to help him get revenge against the Sub-Mariner.


Continuity Notes

  1. Captain America, the Thing, the Sub-Mariner and the rest of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four were transported to a pocket dimension following the events of Onslaught Marvel Universe #1 until their recent return in Heroes Reborn: The Return #14. Namor's mental health issues has been persistent since Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 2) #6.
  2. While they were believed to be dead, the Fantastic Four's headquarters -- the Four Freedoms Plaza -- was taken over by the Thunderbolts in Thunderbolts #3. The FF will move into their new headquarters in Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #2.

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