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Synopsis for "Golden Child (Part 1)"

The Story starts in the early morning with Spider-Man talking to pigeons and eating donuts. At this moment, Wolverine is on the phone to Cyclops, reporting that he's found who they are looking for and that he has his scent. Meanwhile Spider-Man is late for work again after having to stop an armoured van robbery. During Lunch at the school Peter runs over to break up a fight when one of the kids throws three others off him with glowing hands.

After school Spider-Man catches up to the kid, Paul Patterson, who reveals he can tell Spider-Man is really Mr. Parker. He also reveals that he is a mutant. While they are talking Wolverine leaps at them and is blasted by Paul. Wolverine and Spider-Man battle and Spider-Man leaves Wolverine suspended in webbing. By the time Wolverine escapes, Spider-Man is already at Paul's house. Spider-Man searches Paul's house for his dad and finds him dead.


  • Paul Patterson revealed to be a mutant.

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