Quote1.png I'm sorry... ...but this whole adventure was ridiculous! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Master of the Ring (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Master of the Ring (Part 4)"

Captain America goes to a cafe on behalf of the Avengers, he plans to meet up with a member of the X-Men to swap details on enemies with, much to his dismay, he ends up meeting with Wolverine. The two argue over pointless things until they are interrupted by a waitress who mistakes Wolverine for Thor. They swap information disks and there is an explosion outside, the two leave the cafe and Wolverine hijacks a car for them.

Meanwhile back at the fight scene of Spider-Man and Moon Knight vs Ringmaster, Ringmaster reveals that he made all three of them immune to the explosion of Spider-Man's web fluid. He causes the two heroes to have heart attacks but is attacked by Daredevil and loses focus. Ringmaster uses his new ring to cause all three heroes to be teleported into cannons aimed at the ground. Before they can be fired Frenchie in one of Moon night's helicopters shoots Ringmaster, the cannons disappear and moon Knight punches Ringmaster. The heroes launch a full counter attack but ringmaster knocks them all out and starts bragging about the cosmic ring he's wearing. However as he shows them it, his finger is shot off by the Punisher who turns and leaves immediately. Captain America and Wolverine arrive on the scene too late to help. Captain America takes the ring and places it in his pocket. He then takes the finger and gets in the ambulance to make sure Ringmaster doesn't try anything. Daredevil also takes off an Spider-Man confronts Wolverine about what X-23 said about them not being friends, Wolverine drives off and Moon Knight gives Spider-Man a lift home, via McDonald's. Mystically monitoring the whole event, Chen Hsu mentions that his plans are falling into place. Sleepwalker returns to the scene of the battle, now deserted and is curious as to what happened.

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