Quote1 Well, what we waiting on?! Let's take this guy down! Quote2
-- Nova

Appearing in "The Titannus War (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "The Titannus War (Part 1)"

Doctor Strange is at his home meditating when he suddenly senses something that causes him to collapse. Wong rushes in to help and Strange declared this is a time for action. Meanwhile Spider-Man is swinging through the city talking to himself when Nova accidentally snaps his webline and catches him, after commenting on how uncomfortable armpitting was, they team up and defeat Rhino. The two star to talk on a rooftop when they are contacted by the astral form of Doctor Strange and are told to come to his house.

Elsewhere She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are contacted by Doctor Strange as well and Ms. Marvel flies She-Hulk there. When all four arrive at Strange's home they talk about arm-pitting being uncomfortable before Bruce Banner appears and Strange teleports them to Japan to confront the mysterious enemy (Titannus). Titannus immediately confronts them but is attacked by Wolverine, Wolverine is quickly defeated and explains he has been there for a while saving people. Banner turns into the Hulk who is too severely beaten by Titannus. Titannus declares he only wants to talk and they decide to listen to his story.


  • The cover of issues #11-13 form a single image.

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