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-- Spider-Man as the group charge at Titannus

Appearing in "The Titannus War (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Skrulls (Main story and flashback)
  • Princess Amissa (Main story and flashback)
  • Unnammed Warlord Alien King (Death) (Only in flashback)
  • Trellion King (Main story and flashback)


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Titannus War (Part 2)"

Titannus tells the heroes of his origin.

Titannus's Fake Story:

Part 1. Titannus is born on the Skrull homeworld. He is branded an outcast due to lack of shapeshifting abilities. He was used in the Super Skrull program. They tortured him with failed experiments and eventually succeeded. They started treating him even worse and he escaped.

Part 2. Titannus hid from his people meaning them no harm whatsoever. But they came after him never leaving him alone. They caught him and exiled him into space with no food, he had to live off what he could find. He eventually made it to an alien world.

Part 3. He landed on a peaceful planet and was greeted with open arms becoming close to the alien king. he was treated like a son and was truly happy. One night the King died in his sleep and Titannus inherited the planet. He took good care of the deceased kings daughters and attempted to spread the peace throughout the galaxy.

Part 4. He successfully spread peace throughout the galaxy until his planet was invaded by the warlike Trellions. He impressed the Trellion leader and was kept alive but weakened. He lost the will to live and longed to return to the Skrull homeworld. He would have died if not for Princess Amissa who kept sneaking him food, they fell in love and kept it a secret until one day they were discovered and Titannus was severely beaten. He was sent into the desert to perish but with a group of rebels he attempted to overthrow the Trellion King, Amissa's father. In revenge the King poisoned Amissa so she would never end up with Titannus. Titannus put her into stasis and traveled around the galaxy finding no cure, he then crashed on Earth.

'True Story:'Part 1. Titannus is born on the Skrull homeworld. He is branded an outcast due to lack of shapeshifting abilities (this is probably true but he is also shown killing a Skrull soldier.). He was used in the Super Skrull program. They successfully gave him incredible powers. They treated him kindly but he killed them all and left.

Part 2. Titannus waged war on the Skrull. He destroyed their cities and crippled their people. One day he broke into the hangar and left the world behind him, he ate weaker Skrulls to survive.

Part 3. He landed on a war hungry planet and was attacked and defeated by servants of the alien king. He was used as a gladiator and in retaliation killed the King in his sleep. He took over the planet and started to invade other planets.

Part 4. He successfully conquered most of the galaxy until he attempted to invade the Trellion world and his army was wiped out. He made a deal with the Trellion King and was treated ,like a member of the royal family. He fell in love with Amissa but she did not return the love. One day he nearly killed the king who fled into the wilderness. The king returned and overthrew Titannus. He kidnapped Amissa and put her into stasis. He escaped the Trellions and crashed on Earth.

Now: Doctor Strange sense he is lying and Wolverine can smell that he is lying. Doctor Strange says that he should examine Amissa as he is a doctor. Spider-Man then give a speech about why they shouldn't help Titannus and the group charges at Titannus...


  • The cover of issues #11-13 form a single image.
  • Titannus tells the heroes one story, but as he is telling it, the reader reads the truth as pictures.

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