Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 13

You Can't Feel yourself weakening?! You Fool! My Armor is fueled by many things--including Gamma Radiation!
I Might As Well Be Wrestling A Battery!! Titannus battling the Hulk

Appearing in "The Titannus War (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "The Titannus War (Part 3)"

Bruce Banner tries to save civilians from the super heroes ongoing battle with Titannus, he can barely think straight yet cannot turn into the Hulk, as the army arrives he witnesses a family get crushed by falling debris which allows him to turn into the Hulk. The Hulk attacks Titannus whilst the other heroes decide that they should distract Titannus whilst Doctor Strange and Nova search for Titannus' ship. As Titannus sends Hulk flying Wolverine attacks hoping to have an advantages whilst the Hulk is battling but is too late. Titannus defeats him with a severe blow to the chest. Spider-Man webs Titannus' feet together whilst Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk knock him over. She-Hulk advances on Titannus alone but he breaks her arm. Spider-Man blinds Titannus with webbing, when Titannus removes it and attempts to punch Spider-Man he discovers Spider-Man has webbed boulders to his hands as one hits him full on. He then uses the one attached to his other hand to his advantage. He crushes Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel and as he turns towards She-Hulk, Doctor Strange and Nova return with Amissa who says his story is a lie and that she hates him, the grief causes Titannus to crush his own head.

Later, on the Helicarrier, Nick Fury arranges for Quasar to take Amissa home. He flies off into space whilst Wolverine and Spider-Man pay a visit to Iron Maniac who was the first to mention Titannus. Meanwhile in space Amissa attacks Quasar and flies off alone. Iron Maniac tells the heroes of how things went on his world.

Iron Maniac's Version of Events:

On his Earth the Avengers never disbanded, so when Titannus landed the Vision detected him immediately and had no reason to believe his story was a lie. As soon as the Avengers reached the Trellion world, Titannus turned on them and killed Wasp. They believed he had also killed Hank Pym but this was not so. Amissa revealed that Titannus was suppose to lure them to their world. It took the reserve Avengers 5 years to find them and another 5 for the heroes of Earth to beat them badly enough for them to stop attacking.

Back in the room:

Iron Maniac then reveals that he could not believe anything could kill Titannus, we then see in Japan two scientists examining his body, they mention Doctor Strange is using magic to rebuild Tokyo and that Titannus' head is growing back...


  • The cover of issues #11-13 form a single image.

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