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The story picks up with Wolverine on a bus trying to reach Paul Patterson's house as Nova flies by the window. Meanwhile, Spider-Man, having just discovered the dead body of Paul Patterson's father, asks Paul if he knows what happened. Paul tells Spider-Man that he killed his father himself and the other rooms in the house are full of other corpses. He then reveals that he is looking forward to battling Spider-Man and blasts him outside. As Wolverine approaches the house, the house blows up and Spider-Man and Wolverine become allies against Paul. After a long fight the heroes realize that they are not winning and decide to attempt to break the current running through Paul's body. Meanwhile in Latveria in a flash of lightning a man resembling Doctor Doom appears. The only word he says is "Richards!". Back at the scene of the fight Wolverine stabs Paul in the arm and he explodes. They do not notice but they are being watched by a camera. As SHIELD arrives, Spider-Man decides to take off leaving Wolverine to talk to Dum-Dum Dugan. When Wolverine returns the next day, he bumps into Jubilee and goes straight to bed. Meanwhile the Camera that had monitored the battle returns to an alien ship, the owner of which is a Skrull named Titannus.


Jubilee reveals to Wolverine she is moving to L.A.

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