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-- Mister Fantastic

Appearing in "Golden Child (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Golden Child (Part 3)"

The story starts with Doctor Strange meditating in his home when he senses a disturbance that causes him to fall to the floor. He summons Wong and they start researching the mysterious energy.

Meanwhile at the Baxter Building Johnny Storm emerges from the shower angry that Ben Grimm has replaced his shampoo with green hair dye. The Thing and the Human Torch prepare to fight. Mister Fantastic attempts to get between them but in the end they are stopped because Invisible Woman lectures them on how the children could get hurt. But before she finishes they are attacked by who they think is Doctor Doom. Mister Fantastic manages to get the children to Attilan via portal before joining the fight. However "Doom" is startled at the fact Johnny is alive and flees. As they prepare to chase him, Doctor Strange appears before them and offers help. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Paul Patterson awakens to find the Hulk looking down on him. Later, in the city again, the FF and Doctor Strange prepare to battle "Doom". During the fight "Doom" accuses Strange of being behind Johnny's "Resurrection". After a long battle, "Doom" realizes he has been referred to as Doctor Doom and reveals himself as Tony Stark.


  • Iron Maniac first reveals himself to be Tony Stark instead of Doctor Doom.

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