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Synopsis for "Golden Child (Part 4)"

The issue continues from where the last one left off. The Fantastic Four are shocked to discover the man they thought was Doctor Doom, was actually a parallel Tony Stark. After concluding that the Reed Richards from Stark's reality had exiled him to earth-616 as a means to get rid of him without killing him, they end up battling again. Stark soon defeats the Fantastic Four, breaking Johnny's Collarbone. Doctor Strange then turns his full attention to the battle and after a mystic battle, Strange imprisons Stark. Stark escapes by remotely detonating explosives on the surrounding buildings and flies off believing they are dead, in truth they are actually returned home, left temporarily without their powers, Reed decides to contact Nick Fury. Meanwhile, Stark travels to Stark industries and orders a lot of equipment before discovering a usable power source for his machine. The power source is none other than Paul Patterson who is busy fleeing from the Hulk. When Iron Maniac arrives on the scene he manages to save Paul and escape. He then declares that Paul is his ticket home. Meanwhile in Japan, Titannus watches the battle via one of his many cameras and decides that the green one is the most promising yet. However, he is confronted by Sunfire.


  • Iron Maniac reveals that in his home dimension he is the deepest enemy of Reed Richards and that he killed Johnny Storm.
  • Iron Maniac reveals that in his world, Pym can become the hulk.


  • Iron Maniac is referred to only as Stark throughout the Golden Child arc.

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