Quote1 I mean "Gun-Toting-Maniac-With-A-Skull-On-His-Chest" crazy. I mean, REALLY. You and the Punisher would really get along. Well, probably not... Quote2
-- Spider-Man describing Cardiac

Appearing in "Golden Child (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "Golden Child (Part 5)"

Part 5 continues with Sunfire's confrontation of Titannus. After trying to free a woman whom he believes is being held prisoner in suspended animation, Sunfire is attacked by Titannus. Meanwhile back in America, in the early hours of the morning Spider-Man battles Cardiac but is eventually beaten. Cardiac spares Spider-Man and escapes leaving Spider-Man to be yet again late for work. At the X-Mansion, Storm discovers that X-23 has been up all night checking security footage. However when X does not respond, Storm leaves, X switches the monitor back to Wolverine. Meanwhile Sunfire is busy trying to defeat Titannus but is merely annoying him an in turn, sealing his own fate. At the Baxter Building, a paranoid Mister Fantastic is suffering from lack of sleep and is sent to bed by Invisible Woman. Around the same time Paul Patterson manages to get make a call to Spider-Man, who manages to convince Reed Richards to trace the call for him. In the X-Mansion at the same time there is a blip and without the permission of Cyclops, X-23 decides to investigate. In Japan, Sunfire is being beaten to near-death by Titannus. Later, X-23 is preparing to break into Iron Maniac's lab through the the skylight when Spider-Man approaches. The two fight and fall through the skylight where they are seen by Iron Maniac.


  • First meeting between Spider-Man and X-23.

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