Quote1 Spider-Man? I've never even heard of you. Quote2
-- Iron Maniac

Appearing in "Golden Child: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Golden Child: Part 6"

The story picks up with Spider-Man and X-23 battling Iron Maniac. Meanwhile on the Helicarrier, Nick Fury and Black Widow, meet up with Captain America on his way to see the Diamondback LMD. When the crew receive a transmission from Mister Fantastic, Cap and Widow team-up to go and battle Stark. On their arrival Iron Maniac believe he is going crazy as his other dead friends are alive. In the end he defeats all 4 heroes. Iron Maniac then tries to use his Paul Patterson machine to teleport to his own dimension but X-23 stabs Patterson's arm, blowing him up, after accusing Spider-Man of being crazy because he didn't mention that Patterson would explode the team leaves. Meanwhile in Canada, Patterson awakens to see a Wendigo. Around this time Titannus leaves Sunfire severely beaten and unconscious in the mountains as he returns to his ship. Hours later on the Helicarrier, Captain America and Iron Man meet up and discuss the events, At his own home, Doctor Strange believes he must pay a lot of attention to Iron Maniac.

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