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Synopsis for "Master of the Ring (Part 1)"

Titannus returns to his ship after battling Sunfire, he starts to talking to the mysterious woman in suspended animation. Meanwhile in NYC, the Ringmaster steals a cosmic powered ring off an elderly man named Chen Hsu. He decides to use it to rob a bank. Meanwhile Mary Jane Watson sends Peter out to buy Chinese food after burning their steak. Around this time Moon Knight battles the Constrictor after Constrictor attempts a robbery. When Moon Knight is apparently left no choice but to either kill Constrictor or die, Spider-Man appears and the two heroes team up. After a long fight Moon Knight offers Spider-Man a lift in his helicopter which is shot down by Ringmaster, Moon Knight orders Frenchie to go pick up another Copter. After battling the Ringmaster's cosmically created circus, Ringmaster decided to turn Spider-Man's webbing into an explosive substance and it blows up, all three are engulfed in an explosion...

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