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Synopsis for "Master of the Ring (Part 2)"

The story starts with a group of thugs meeting up with a group of people (who are actually vampires) to buy guns. The thugs including two leaders named Vinny and Antonio, prepare to meet the men. Meanwhile on a rooftop nearby Blade tells the Punisher that he can smell him hiding. The Punisher emerges from the shadows and the two draw weapons. Blade eventually lowers his and tells Punisher that if he shoots him then the guys below will know where they are. Punisher attaches a silencer to his gun and shoots Blade in the back, Blade remains unharmed and they argue. They turn their attention to the crime below. Meanwhile, in Japan Titannus lands in Tokyo and is yet again confronted by Sunfire, this time he is also confronted with the Japanese army. Back in the US, Blade admits he admires the Punisher and explains vampires, suddenly there is an explosion a few blocks away, the vampires think it is the thugs and devour them. Blade jumps off the roof towards the vampires.


  • The battle between Blade and the vampires is never shown.


  • First meeting between Blade and the Punisher.

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