Quote1.png I believe I can seek their attention no longer. They Must Notice This. Quote2.png
-- Titannus

Appearing in "Master of the Ring (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Master of the Ring (Part 3)"

The story picks up in Japan where a Japanese soldier dies reaching for his radio in a pile of rubble. We then find out it is due to the Japanese army's battle with Titannus: Titannus has defeated the entire army and once again almost killed Sunfire. Titannus leaves the scene of the battle to "do some real damage". Meanwhile back in the US Matt Murdock runs out of a meeting with his client when he sees Stilt-Man walk past the window. He attempts to battle Stilt-Man but he fears he cannot knock him out because with his extensible legs he is now more then 20 stories tall and the fall would kill him. Stilt-Man talks about how he is not Wilbur Day and that he has upgraded the suit he purchased on eBay. Whilst focused on battling Daredevil, Stilt-Man carries on moving and attracts the attention of Luke Cage who knocks out Stilt-Man. Daredevil catches him and the two heroes talk. There is an explosion a short distance away, Luke however says he cannot investigate as he needs to get burgers to his wife so Daredevil goes alone. A little earlier, Sleepwalker leaves Rick Sheridan's mind to go on patrol. He soon encounters the Black Cat and easily defeats her however he is distracted by the same explosion witnessed by Daredevil, Luke Cage, Punisher and Blade. He turns to talk to Cat but she is escaped he then disappears as Rick wakes up. Meanwhile Titannus looks over Tokyo which is in ruins after his attack.

Solicit Synopsis

The Ringmaster's reality-altering ring is put to the test as Daredevil and Luke Cage join the epic battle. Will unbreakable skin and enhanced senses be enough to take down the newly superpowered Ringmaster? What exactly happened to Spider-Man and Moon Knight? All these answers and more! What more? How about an update on Titannus' plot to take over Japan!


Stilt-Man makes reference to Superpro, the title character from failed comic series NFL Superpro.

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