Appearing in "Magneto Walks the Earth!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Avengers #47.

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Synopsis for "Magneto Walks the Earth!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Avengers #47.

On the Stranger's home world, Magneto and the Toad plot their escape as their captor, the Stranger, has lately become disinterested in them and preoccupied with other concerns. Magneto's abilities enable him to sense radio waves emanating from Earth.

The Avengers are stunned when Captain America announces that he's resigning. He curtly tells the Avengers he's leaving to live his own life and wants nothing more to do with any of them. Even as he stalks away, Cap regrets his words and worries about how his now ex-teammates will think of him, but he can't tell them the real reason for his departure.

Hercules returns to Greece after discovering a possible way to get back to Olympus. He sets out to traverse the dimensional barriers.

In England, scientist Dane Whitman reflects on his private shame: his uncle was the supervillian known as the Black Knight, a member of the original Masters of Evil. The Black Knight died after falling from his winged horse after a confrontation with Iron-Man; he died in Dane's arms after confessing to his criminal deeds. Dane hopes to make amends for his uncle's misdeeds somehow.

But Dane's traitorous assistant Norris accidentally sabotages his most recent experiment, enabling Magneto and Toad to escape back to Earth from Labworld. After subduing Dane and killing Norris, Magneto plans to revive the Masters of Evil. Although he decides to ignore Mastermind for the time being, he sends a coded message to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The twins travel to Whitman castle and fall into Magneto's trap. The twins refuse to rejoin the Brotherhood, but Magneto is confident he can persuade them. Magneto, Toad depart with their captives.

Afterwards, Dane is appalled at the unwitting aid he and Norris provided to Magneto. Hoping to make things right, Dane dons the armor and sword of the Black Knight and mounts his winged horse. The new, heroic Black Knight flies off to warn the Avengers about Magneto's capture of the twins.


  • A new cover is drawn for this reprint issue by Gil Kane.

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