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Reprinted from Avengers #14

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Reprinted from Avengers #14

The Avengers rush the dying Wasp to the emergency room but there is nothing any of the doctors can do for the Wasp. The only man who may be able to save her is a Dr. Svenson. Thor finds him as quickly as he can only to find out he is an alien impostor. The alien dies when exposed to the atmosphere of Earth because its mask was removed. Giant-Man uses his ants to search all over the world but to no avail, so he concludes that wherever he is there are no ants. This leaves the north and south poles. Heading to the north pole they find an alien base, where Dr. Svenson is being held. The aliens are found to be Kallusians, and they are hiding from other aliens who will destroy them. They are soon discovered and have to flee. Dr. Svenson is brought back to America and operates successfully on the Wasp. No one knows whether the Kallusians survived or not.

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