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Medusa and Black Bolt are teleported into the Baxter Building by Lockjaw to seek out the aid of the Fantastic Four, however they find the heroes headquarters deserted. The Hidden Land has been plagued by "air quakes" recently and the Inhumans have come to seek the FF's aid in determining their cause. With nobody present, Black Bolt sends Medusa and Lockjaw back to the Hidden Land while he searches for the Fantastic Four. Remembering that the Thing is in a relationship with Alicia Masters, Black Bolt disguises himself and goes seeking out her home.

Finding her home, in spite of the communication barrier between Black Bolt's self-imposed muteness and Alicia's blindness, Black Bolt is able to communicate to her that he is seeking out the Thing. Knowing that Ben had gone to renew his driver's license that day, Alicia agrees to help Black Bolt find him. At the local DMV, the Thing is impatiently waiting in a cue, unaware that both Edwin Jarvis and his lady friend Judy are waiting in the line as well as Jarvis had just gotten his American drivers license.

Outside, Judy is recognized by the amnestic Graviton who grabs her and freezes Jarvis in place with his gravity powers. When the cab driver tells Alicia and Black Bolt of the commotion in the street, Blot grabs Alicia and runs out of the cab. This is just as Ben is exiting the DMV himself and when he sees some disguised person running off with his girl Alicia, he unthinkingly attacks the person realizing too late that it's his old ally Black Bolt. The confusion allows Graviton to escape with Judy, however, Jarvis is freed from the excess gravity locking in place and he asks Thing and Black Bolt for help rescuing the girl.

Graviton reveals himself to the girl in an alley and explains that he doesn't remember who he is. Just then the Thing and Black Bolt catch up and attack the villain, who defends himself with his Gravity powers. With Black Bolt distracting Graviton, Judy explains to Ben of Graviton's origins and his battle against the Avengers which left everyone believing that he had been killed. After Judy finishes explaining her story, Graviton remembers who he really is and absorbing a much mass as possible he mutates into a living black-hole. Realizing that he has gone too far, Graviton asks Black Bolt for sanctuary and a chance to redeem himself, a request which the king of the Inhumans denies.

Furious at this rejection, Graviton uses his powers to extract a part of the sun and send it hurtling toward Attilan. As this is happening he unleashes an onslaught of miniature black holes against the two heroes, which Black Bolt's powers easily deflect. Graviton then goes on a rampage through the city. Ben sends Alicia and Judy back to Avengers Mansion with Jarvis while Black Bolt goes into space and destroys the portion of the sun hurtling towards Earth before rejoining Ben in New York to continue their battle against Graviton.

With the help of a physicist, who translates an idea that Black Bolt has come up with, they heroes determine that Graviton is a representation of a negative universe and that a chunk of anti-matter would be enough to destroy the foe. Converting a chunk of concrete into anti-matter, the two heroes take it to Graviton who has fought his way to the United Nations building. However, when Ben throws the chunk of Anti-Matter at Graviton, Black Bolt -- realizing that Graviton has regained his sanity knocks it away. Graviton explains to Ben what the leader of the Inhumans had seen, and disgusted with what he has become Graviton seemingly destroys himself.


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