Quote1.png So you ain't gonna talk, huh? Well, lemme tell you somethin', buster -- St. Pete ain't nothin' ta write home about, but that don't give you the right to take it off the map! So knock it off before I get mad an' clobber ya! Quote2.png
-- Thing

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Synopsis for "The Thing Goes South"

Rushing to catch a train at Grand Central Station for a planned vacation to Disneyworld in Florida, the Thing is forced to use his strength to stop the train so that he and Alicia don't miss it. Meanwhile, at San Pedro University, Jason and Rebecca Adamson try to convince Professor Yeates that the Golem statue, discovered by their uncle, can come to life.

Spied upon by the Golem's long time enemy Kaballa, he takes the opportunity to take control of the Golem and send it on a rampage through St. Petersberg. Hearing of the rampage over the radio, the Thing and Alicia jump off the train so that Thing can stop the rampaging Golem.

During the fight, Jason, Rebecca, and Wayne arrive on the scene to provide their knowledge to the Thing. Problems are compounded by the arrival of Kaballa and his demons. However, the Golem attacks Kaballa, forcing him to flee. With the threat passed, the Golem returns to its inert state, leaving all present to wonder when the Golem will rise again.


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