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Synopsis for "Ghost Town!"

When one of Reed's devices picks up a strange disturbance in the town of Lawless, Arizona, he sends Ben out to investigate. There, he runs into Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan, who has also been drawn to this location.

The two are then confronted by what appears to be the undead spirit of Jedadiah Ravenstorm who, a century ago, was a merciless criminal of the west.

During their battle against Ravenstorm, Thing is briefly possessed by their foe, which hints Daimon to who their opponent really is; his old foe Kthara. Using his powers to separate Kthara from the body of Ravenstorm, she is attacked by the spirits that live in Lawless and she is torn apart. With their foe defeated, Daimon bids farewell to the Thing who flies back to New York. When Reed returns and asks Ben what the disturbance was, Ben tells Reed that there was nothing wrong and maybe he should check his machines to see if they're working okay.


Continuity Notes

Publication Notes

  • The plug for the next issue states it will guest star Ka-Zar and take place in the Savage Land. However, (probably due to a delay) a story featuring Morbius the Living Vampire is published instead. The Ka-Zar story will be published in Marvel Two-In-One #16.

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