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Synopsis for "The Return of the Living Eraser!"

When Morbius attacks Alicia in her apartment, Ben comes to her rescue which leads to a fight in the streets. Their battle is interrupted by the arrival of the Living Eraser who has come to once more attack the Earth in hopes of winning over his people in Dimension Z following his ousting of the Supremacy.

Thing and Morbius attack the Living Eraser but finds themselves transported to Dimension Z and learn of the Living Eraser's plot to take over Dimension Z. After another battle in Dimension Z, the Living Eraser transports himself back to Earth. Agreeing to bring him to justice, the Thing and Morbius return to Earth and battle the Living Eraser once more.

Overtaking the attacker, they manage to pull the Living Eraser's transportation devices, allowing for the Supremacy to take the Living Eraser into his custody. Having to be forced to stop from feeding on the Living Eraser, a disgusted and tormented Morbius uses the Eraser's dimensional transportation device to "erase" himself to another unknown dimension.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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