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Synopsis for "This City -- Afire!"

Arriving back to the present following an adventure through time, Spider-Man cannot clearly recall whatever he experienced in the future.[1] As Dr. Doom's time machine disappears, Spider-Man decides to return home to try and get his life back in order.

Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, the Thing continues to travel through a cavern after parting company with Ka-Zar and Zabu. There he runs into the cause of the seismic activity in the Savage Land: Basilisk. The two battle each other. While in New York, Peter Parker tries to get caught up on his homework when he gets a call from Mary Jane, checking up to see if he's safe, because of a volcano sprouting in the middle of the harbor outside New York.

When Peter realizes that this is real, he changes to Spider-Man to see what he can do. Arriving at the top of the volcano, he is confronted by Basilisk who is carrying a defeated and unconscious Thing over his head.

This story is continued in Marvel Team-Up #47....


Continuity Notes

  • This story continues immediately after Marvel Two-In-One #16 where Thing mentions being sent by Mr. Fantastic to Savage Land, where he teamed up with Ka-Zar and fought off Volcanus. The story continues in Marvel Team-Up #47.

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