Quote1.png Jess! Jess! It -- It came out of the Scarecrow painting! -- Stared at me! Made me feel like I was dead! In Heaven's Name, Jess -- What is it!?? Quote2.png
-- Harmony Maxwell

Appearing in "Dark, Dark Demon-Night!"

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Synopsis for "Dark, Dark Demon-Night!"

While attending an occult-themed art exhibition at Jess Duncan's Soho loft with Alicia Masters, the Thing is told of the supposed supernatural powers behind the Straw Man painting by its owners, Dave and Jess Duncan.

After the exhibition begins to wind down, one of the straggling party goers is transformed by Kalumai into a fire demon. Hearing the ruckus, the Thing bursts in and fights off the monster when he is aided suddenly by the arrival of the Straw Man who appears in the moonlit window.

The Straw Man helps Thing defeat the monster, Thing knocks the monster out, causing it to change back to normal. Before doing so, however, he set the Scarecrow's magical painting on fire with is demon-flames, revealing the image of Kalumai underneath. The Scarecrow then jumps into the painting, seemingly destroying it and closing the portal. In the aftermath, everyone present wonders what happened to Jess' brother Dave, whom Jess and Harmony had begun to suspect of being the Scarecrow.


Continuity Notes

  • Harmony Maxwell recaps the events of Dead of Night #11 wherein the Scarecrow first battles Kalumai. She also briefly glosses over her last encounter with the strange creature in Marvel Spotlight #26.
  • Although some connection between Dave Duncan and the Scarecrow is implied in this story, this plot thread is dropped when the Scarecrow next appears in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #31.

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