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Synopsis for "Claws of the Cougar!"

Tigra has come to the Baxter Building in the middle of the night, rousing the Thing from his sleep. After explaining her origins, she tells the Thing that she has come to get aid in obtaining the Null-Bands from the robot imposter of Tomazooma which was obtained by Conklin Industries, a front for the criminal, Cougar.

As she finishes telling him this, they are attacked and knocked out by agents hired by Conklin Industries. They awaken in the lab of the Cougar. The Cougar tries to use the Null-Bands to drain the Thing of his energy, but when his wife Sheila Conklin turns off the power, Thing and Tigra break free and counter-attack; forcing the Cougar to transform into his cat-man form.

When the Cougar attempts to use a Positive-Charge Annihilator to destroy them, Sheila shoots him in the back; disgusted by the whole episode.


Continuity Notes

  • Tigra glosses over her career as a super-hero:
    • She was trained into a crime fighter by Joanne Tumolo and was active as the Cat in The Cat #14.
    • Her connection to and transformation into a member of the Cat-People occurred in Giant-Size Creatures #1.
  • The Fantastic Four battled the Tomazooma robot back in Fantastic Four #80.


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